Loch ness South & Falls of Foyers

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This is with out a doubt one of the most cynic rides we have on offer. We will start by heading South along the river Ness through the Ness islands until we are on the outskirts of the city.
We are going to take the high road to Dores where you will have some great opportunity’s for photos. We will be on a single track road through farmland and passing a couple of small Lochs until we have a steep descent into Dores.
From Dores we will hug the south side of the world-famous Loch ness with plenty more opportunity’s to get your camera out.
It’s about an 11 mile cycle from here to Foyers. The first village will be Inverfairgaig which is just befor Boleskin house which was once owned by Led Zeppelin and has many interesting stories attached to this manner that was built in 1760.
A short trip now to Foyers where you can enjoy a refreshment and view the falls the stand 165 feet tall. Our trip home will be back along the Loch as we think it’s worth a second look on the way home. We will stop at Dores for some more photos as this spot has an amazing view looking down the Loch. You can also take the chance for another refreshment at Dores Inn.
We are going to stick to the bottom road from here until we arrive back in Inverness.
We will allow 5 hours for this route.

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40 miles


5.5 hours

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