Inverness Kayaking


As an Inverness day trip this must be one you try. This is if you like nature, scenery, wildlife and tranquility.
We are in a position to offer you a unique experience to kayak the world famous Loch ness just outside Inverness. Our experienced guide can handle groups up to six until Covid restriction ease.
From Inverness to Dochgarroch is only 10 minutes, so it’s not an early start. This is where we will enter the water and start our day after our safety brief.
Prepare yourself for breathtaking scenery and Highland wildlife on this custom water excursion that will last around 5 hours.
This is a fantastic opportunity to get back to nature and away from the tech world we now live in. There is no engine fitted and it’s all your own work to get moving along. What more enjoyable way to do some exercise than paddle along a stunning Loch with friends at your side.
Of course the scenery we can guarantee but the weather we can’t, please prepare for Highland temperature and dress accordantly. A hearty breakfast will be advisable and a wee snack just in case you get peckas won’t go a miss as not many shops out in the Loch.

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This will depend on where you want to kyak


Around 5 hours

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09:30 am but call us and we will work with you