Are E-Bikes Good for The Environment?

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The physical benefits of e-bikes are well documented.  They allow people who would normally choose a more passive mode of transportation like a car, bus or train, to choose to cycle for pleasure or to commute (without the running out of puff). An e-bike has the added push of an electric motor that assists the cyclist’s pedalling – making zooming through towns and across hill and glen a doddle even for the most sedentary of individuals. Even the hills that make Scotland’s landscape more dramatic than evening in with Sir Patrick Stewart become a breeze when you’re being pushed by your trusty wee motor.  All this fresh air and pedalling you get when you’d normally be sitting in a car belting out that One Direction number you pretend not to know all the words to is doing your body and soul the world of good. But what of the environmental impact of the cycling marvel? Is getting on an electric bike better for the environment than travelling by car or by rail? With carbon emission levels and the future of the planet beneath our very feet back at the centre of policy debate across the globe, we examined the e-bike’s impact on the environment and if it might be the future of commuting and also a viable transportation alternative when choosing a holiday in the Highlands. 

Do E-Electric Bikes Help the Environment?

Traditional fossil fuel-powered vehicles are bad news long-term for the environment. They produce chemical like methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide, which all have been proven to contribute to pollution and the climate emergency. Car journeys to work account for 66% of all travel and in Britain 800 billion car trips were travelled in 2018. A petrol vehicle will emit around 4 tonnes of CO2 in a year, with diesel and larger vehicles emitting even more – think of all that carbon floating about in the air!  

An e-bike however produces no emissions whatsoever, leaving the environment as clean as it found it all whilst being able to keep you fit and healthy, careering along on the commute or on an e-bike holiday in the Highlands. 

What’s So Good About E-bikes?

A recent study came to the following conclusions when comparing e-bikes with other forms of transport, they are:

  • 13 times more energy-efficient than a saloon car
  • 6 times more energy-efficient than rail
  • About equal impact to the environment as a conventional bicycle

The stats don’t lie – the future is electric!

Brilliant Long-life Batteries

No changing of double A’s required here! Electric bikes’ motors are often powered by lithium-ion batteries so just require charging from any domestic socket when they are running low on charge. Just like your phone, you just plug it in and before you know it you’re back on your bike going faster and farther than ever before! A single charge will typically last a rider up to 30 miles, depending on how hard you make that motor work!

Are Electric Bikes Heavy?

At the end of September 2020, there were just under 40 million licensed vehicles on the road in Great Britain. That puts a huge amount of pressure on the roads, leaving them eroding much more quickly than ever before. Using an electric bike on Britain’s means you’re contributing far less to the damage inflicted on the roads with heavier vehicles like cars. E-bike are much lighter than the average road vehicle, so you’ll be helping not only the environment around you, but also council budgets, council workers’ workloads, and (theoretically) council tax levels. E-bikes are a heavier design than normal bikes due to the electrical components involved, but they are still light enough to cause little to no damage to the roads, so if it’s the choice between cycling an e-bike and taking a heavier mode of transport, an e-bike is a no-brainer!

The Best Way to Travel in Scotland

Scotland and the Highlands are full of hidden wee gems. Up hills, down glens, round the back of waterfalls and beyond lochs you’ll find some of the perfect spots on the planet. An e-bike holiday in the Highlands can take you to the places a hire car cannot. If you’re not a strong cyclist, an e-bike can cope with the rough terrain of the Highlands enough to transport you to the places you might have missed if you toured the Highlands by car, rail or public transport. Using an e-bike means you can get out and breathe in Scotland. Reach out and touch nature and really appreciate the planet we live on. This is another reason why using an e-bike can help the environment. The more time you spend in nature, the more you will appreciate it and it will inspire you to look for ways to preserve our gorgeous environment. 

Where Can I Rent an E-bike In Inverness?

You can rent e-bikes as well all sorts of great outdoor equipment from Tartan Adventure in Inverness. You can choose to rent an e-bike in Inverness, book an electric bike tour in the Highlands, as well as just chat about the best options on how to make your trip to the Highlands the most memorable as possible. Just drop into our Inverness city centre Tartan Adventure office or visit the Tartan Adventure website for more details.  

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